Applying for a passport? The rules have changed!

Applying for a passport? The rules have changed!

The Ministry of External Affairs just recently announced a new set of rules for applying for a passport. And we’ve summarized some of the major changes that these new rules have brought in.


As per the earlier rules, submitting a birth certificate was compulsory for all applicants born on/after 26th January 1989. But the new rules have brought in a relaxation in this regards. Now, any of the following documents containing the DOB of the applicant will suffice:

  • Birth Certificate (BC) issued by the Registrar of births and deaths or the Municipal Corporation or any other prescribed authority whosoever has been empowered under the Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 to register the birth of a child born in India
  • Transfer/school leaving/matriculation certificate issued by the school last attended/recognised educational board
  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card/E-aadhar
  • Copy of the extract of the service record of the applicant (only in respect of Government servants) or the pay pension order (in respect of retired government servants), duly attested/certified by the officer/in-charge of the administration of the concerned ministry/department of the applicant
  • Driving license
  • Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Election Commission of India
  • Policy bond issued by the public life insurance corporations/companies


In a welcome move, the new passport rules has done away with the mandate requiring names of both parents at the time of application. An applicant now only needs to provide the name of either one of the parents or the legal guardian. This makes it easier for children with single parents or orphans to apply for a passport. Provisions have also been made for spiritually oriented people (Sadhus/Sanyasis) who can now mention the name of their spiritual leader instead of their biological parents.


The total number of annexes has been brought down from 15 to 9. Annexes A, C, D, E, J, and K have been removed and some of them have also been merged. Lesser annexes means less trouble for you to collate documentation.


While all annexes needed attestation from a Notary/Executive Magistrate/First Class Judicial Magistrate previously, henceforth all these annexes can now be in the form of a self-declaration from the applicant on plain paper. This will spare you all the running around for attestation that you would have had to do previously.


The need for a marriage certificate has been discontinued (along with annexure K). Also, in case of a divorce the applicant will not be required to provide the name of their spouse. This is another interesting change that has been made taking into consideration changing societal norms.

For urgent passports, if a government employee is unable to procure the NOC (no objection certificate) or identity certificate from their employers, they can submit a self-declaration stating that they have given a prior intimation letter to their employer informing that they are applying for an ordinary passport to a passport issuing authority.

To view the press release from the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the new passport rules, you can visit their website which has the complete details.

Overall, this move is set to make the application process easier and hassle-free for everyone. A welcome move, we say!

So don’t use your lack of passport as an excuse not to travel anymore. Apply for one now, and get going. Don’t forget to visit website to buy things you need on your vacation before you leave on your next adventure!




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    1. In a welcome move, the new passport rules has done away with the mandate requiring names of both parents at the time of application. An applicant now only needs to provide the name of either one of the parents or the legal guardian. This makes it easier for children with single parents or orphans to apply for a passport. Provisions have also been made for spiritually oriented people (Sadhus/Sanyasis) who can now mention the name of their spiritual leader instead of their biological parents.

    1. It will be valid up to 1 year if more than 1 year you have to make payment for fresh one they won’t do any refund

    2. You can apply conformation date without fees according the rules of 2012 .but present time rules no information

    3. U can reschedule your appointment video same site of application. Provide u have log in of site where application was made.

    1. Latest address proof if the address has changed. Photo ID, preferably, Adhar Card. All documents shall be self-attested.

  1. Most of the pre-requisites are easily available by spending money. I dont understand it is going to be beneficial for the authorities in scrutinising the issuance of new passport. This process is idiotic and reqqires severe scrutiny, only then the people who dont belong to this nation can be traced and kicked out of the country.

    1. Getting fake AAdhar is easy and much easier to get fake driving license and election voter card. No one need to doubt it, there are official figures of fake Ids in India. Now based on any of these Fake Ids, one can get Fake Passport also and represent himself as Indian National abroad. Identity check for issuing passport must be very stringent.

      1. I do agree with u, for that aadhar should be made strigently and link aadhar only with passport application so that every type of proof is completed.

      2. Mr. Krishna,
        You have left one more sure qualification. Show proof of having taken loan of few hundred crores from natiionalised banks.

  2. ECNR case you people are harasing me, so far, even in B counter i mean passport office officials they dont know what is 26 AS form from income tax department.

    i have produced my ITR V FOR THREE YEARS ?

    Please educate them , even am not educated.

    NOT EVEN c counter official understand mean APO IN LALBAGH IN BANGALORE.

  3. That is wrong passport should be the best proof of being a citizen.
    Currently non citizens also have aadhar cards. How can they get Indian passports.
    Birth certificate voting card ans aadhar card these 3 should be requirement for getting a passport.
    Also aadhar card needs to add a field if the person is a indian citizen or not.

    1. My date of birth on school leaving certificate was wrong and hence it was so stated on my passport please guide how this can be rectified

  4. It is very appreciable for the great changes in applying for a passport. Applyers of the passport are glad to know about changes in attestation process as well as NOC process for Government employees. Thanks to government.

  5. Rathnam Chandrasekaran have a(unused) passport no.W758102/13/59804/Cbe/85 in the previous address. And susequently changed present address. Will that be any helpfull while applying for a new one at present.

  6. One side they say spouse name is not required. But when I went to get attestation to take visit visa for my sister in law, her child and co-brother, Indian embassy in Kuwait asked me to get my marriage certificate attested by all the ministries in the world.
    So from this all sayings about relaxing the rules by the Govt. is just an eye wash

  7. I have been issued Passport in 1997. My date of Birth wrongly printed as 05.07.10961 in stead of 05.07.1967. I have got the passport renewed twice with the uncorrected wrong date of birth. Now I am in Lagos. Can I get the date of Birth corrected by attaching my ADAHAR Card, PAN Card or Bank Passbook of an saving account in SBI in India as I do not have my matriculation certificate right now with me.

  8. Great move toward easy process for applying. At the same time few changes might compromise the security concerns for the nation. Just an assumption I would be happy to be proven wrong and all move work well.

  9. I have a Divorce Decree from Germany in German language. I have applied for re-issue my passport here in India and spouse name edition. Passport authority says, my decree needs to be legalized from Indian court or Indian consulate from Germany, only then would they accept it and do the needful.

    From where to get Foreign divorce decree legalized?

    Answer/ advice appreciated.

  10. Hello, I have been staying on rent since past 2 years in Kerala.
    My permanent address is in Mumbai.
    I gave them a copy of our rental agreement in Kerala with a copy of marriage certificate, It’s not being accepted.

  11. I hv an valid passport issued by RPO, New Delhi and require an amendment on my place of birth, I was born in place called Lensdown now in Uttarakhand instread of Delhi. Should i apply again and what documents shall be required, as i dont hv proof of birth place as father was posted there he was working then in MES being postable job when i ws born in 1958. Your precious giudlines sought, please reply on my email. Thanks & Regards.

  12. I have applied for my passport renewal on 9th feb, it has been more than 15 days but their is no update on my application and it is still showing document summited. Is their any way to get the application processed on priority.

  13. It is so nice. Government have expressed in no uncertain terms that they believe the people. it is for individuals to rise to the level of faith the government has shown. People should not misuse the facility.

  14. My wife has no Birthday certificate. Not school leaving certificate. Her birth date is 6.08.1956.she has Adhar Card &_Election card,PanCard Also. Can she get passport if I applied.

  15. It is very nice to hear about new passport office in Hanumangarh. May I request you to kindly let us know the procedure for renewal of passport. What are the documents required to be submitted. What are the fee charges. I am ex-serviceman. Being veteran what are the relaxation. Regards
    Hony Capt RS Swami

  16. What are the total number of documents required for passport?
    I have PAN card,
    Addhar card
    Ration card
    Bank account
    What else is required. ?

  17. i need ecnr passport I have graduated ,but i not have Original degree certificate,but pc and cmm is along with me,can u guys please tell me is it possible without od

  18. Excellent news , Birth Certificate in Goa State gives details of mother’s , father’s & grand parents details plus dates of registrations numbers identifying researched foundation of our fundamental global Rights & Rights of human protection global freedoms of movements.. Yep ! Lovis Oswan Anthony viegasglobalconsultancy margao – Goa . 403601. India . Jai hind !.

  19. A laudable move by the Ministry of External Affairs which will relieve many of the hassles faced by Indian citizens for decades. Kudos to those who have initiated and worked hard for this change and also those who had a pragmatic approach for implementation. We expect more such things in the years ahead so that ordinary citizen’s life can be made simpler and hasslefree.

  20. My passport was expired on 2015, is it possible to renewal it know. What are the documents i need to submit for renewal of my passport.

  21. Hi, In my surname small spelling mistake is there. My original surname is “KATTAMUDI”, but in my education records like 10th, inter and degree certificates recorted as “KATTAMURI”.

    But my PAN, Adhaar and voter card and bank accounts with my original surname ie. “KATTAMUDI”.

    Now how to take passport. with affidavit is it possible. Pls guide me.

  22. Term Govt. Includes police. Where it relates to police verification. You may or, may not hold a Proof of DOB but you will need to have a small consideration in order to satisfy so called police.

  23. My son is 10 years old and his previous passport did not have his surname which I now want to add to his name in the passport . I have his updated adhaar card and birth certificate. Do I need to submit an affidavit when I go for renewal

  24. it should be mandatory required by law or compulsory to produce original birth certificate or( original school leaving certificate) like other developed countries do so that the person who applies for the passport is confirm that he or she is born in India and reserve rights to be Indian national. otherwise its very easy for an outsider to obtain Indian passport by fabricating all the above documents. from pancard , ration card, election card, driving licence , bank account, LIC policy or aadhaar card. i have seen people have done by bribing some officers in all of those department.
    the passport regoinal office should have a quick verification link for all those ducuments and as well as birth certificate should be linked online for verification purpose.

  25. My passport has been expired on 08th March 2018, what is the easy renewal process. I am 64 years old.

  26. I had applied for passport on 13march and done with the police verification with a notification stating that “police has submitted clearance for your current address.” On 20th march i had received this notification and today when i check for the status on the website on 31 march, it says “your application is under review at regional passport office”. Am i on track? The status is concerning to me as its been more that 15 days since i had applied. Can someone help here? Thanks in advance!

  27. I have not changed my surname post marriage when I applied for my daughters passport it got rejected as on her birth certificate my name is with my husband’s surname. They have asked me to change my name in my daughters birth certificate. Any other solution ?


  29. My passport expired 26/06/2016 (1 year 10 months) and my sons passport expired 13/12/2015 (2 years 4 months) what are the documents required for renewal of the passports. No changes to be made in passport everything is same as the old.
    Secondly my wife’s passport expires on 14/07/2018 , 3 more months left will she be able to renew her passport now along with our passports.

  30. What are the minimum document requirements for the age group of 54 years to get an NECR Passport.

  31. My son’s date of birth has wrongly been entered in his passport . At the time renewal we have submitted his Aadhar card , School Certificates , and on these certificates his fate of birth is correct . Now what to do in changing his date of birth in passport

  32. What docs mandate for police verification. Please inform me because my passport is hold in the police station .

  33. What about the address proof? I lived in a flat on rent for 5 years and now moved to my own apartment few months back and for the additional passport whether my own address proof is sufficient.

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