Temporary 16-Digit Virtual ID To Secure Aadhaar Data Privacy: 10 Points

Temporary 16-Digit Virtual ID To Secure Aadhaar Data Privacy: 10 Points

The Virtual Aadhaar ID system is aimed at minimising instances of leak, and misuse of Aadhaar numbers and enhancing privacy of the 119 crore people issued the identification number.

NEW DELHI:  People can share a randomly-generated 16-digit temporary number instead of their Aadhaar number starting from March-end to authenticate their identity for various services. The UIDAI – the authority that runs the government’s Aadhaar programme – said today the initiative, which is aimed at minimising instances of leak and misuse of Aadhaar numbers, would enhance privacy of the 119 crore people issued the identification number. The UIDAI, which had been working on the “Virtual ID” for months, made the announcement at a time privacy concerns around Aadhaar peaked after a newspaper expose on unauthorised access of its database earlier this month.

Here are the 10 points on this story:

  1. The UIDAI will release the necessary software by 1 March. All agencies that are registered to authenticate identities are required to start shifting to the new system by 28 March. By 1 June, all these agencies have to fully migrate to the new system or risk losing their registration and fines.
  2. Once the new system kicks in, people will be able to generate their Virtual ID from the website run by the Unique Identification Authority or UIDAI, Aadhaar enrolment centre and the Aadhaar application on their mobile phone. This will be a 16-digit number and will be valid only for a limited duration.
  3. This 16-digit number can be provided by people for various services, say at airline or railway counters once it is made mandatory, instead of revealing their Aadhaar number. This 16-digit number will be transmitted to Aadhaar servers which will link the token to the individual’s Aadhaar number and confirm the person’s identity.
  4. If a person forgets the Virtual ID number issued, he or she retrieve the number or generate a new one. The older ID gets automatically cancelled once a fresh one is generated.
  5. The announcement comes amid concerns of privacy concerns after a newspaper bought login credentials to access details of individuals on feeding the Aadhaar number.
  6. In a rare move, Wednesday’s circular recognised concerns around multiple agencies storing Aadhaar number of their customers. “While it is important to ensure that Aadhaar number holders can use their identity information to avail many products and services, the collection and storage of Aadhaar numbers by various entities has heightened privacy concerns,” the order said.
  7. In this context, the Unique Identification Authority, or UIDAI, decided to restrict most private firms from retaining Aadhaar numbers of their customers or others.
  8. The Aadhaar authority has introduced the concept of global authentication agencies, mostly government bodies, which will have access to e-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) information about people who avail their services. They can store Aadhaar number in their system.
  9. Every other agency would be classified as local authentication agency and would be prohibited from storing Aadhaar numbers in their database.
  10. This is an important shift in the UIDAI’s approach. Non-government technology research groups such as Centre for Internet and Society’s executive director Sunil Abraham, who had been pushing for introducing Virtual IDs, had faulted the UIDAI architecture for being too trusting of the KYC user agencies and called for safeguards.

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  1. Very commendable of UDAI . However the challenge will be to make all Aadhar holders including Visually Challenged persons to be proficient to operate the Mobile based Application and Network availability even in remote areas .

    1. U r right Even MTNL GOVT run telecommunications is not able2give connectivity to 3G forgrt 4G or 7G globaly efficient We nd2rely on pvt mobile operators We nd Infrastructure not of pvt players but Govt which is unable to them and to us too How long?

    2. How to save our bank accounts, insurance policies , mobile numbers etc from Modi? He wants to gobble up people’ s money. Sick.to the core.

      1. Hi,it seems your are too smart,[[as u only think ur self]] ….who wants to gobble ,,you ..the public money in their stash accounts..illegally..do not dream in day time..,,bye.

      2. Do you think your bank account, FD, other financial assets are not monitored. Wrong. All your mutual funds and stocks are already been delivered to your mail box without your asking. Now with the same technology your money in the bank can be linked. Also real estate. What is left is only gold and your clothes. No escape. Pay the tax and live happily

      3. Anil by your message it seems that you are sick and hate Modi’s way of curbing black money. Grow up dude India is progressing, so be a part of it for the sake of your children’s future

        1. Dear Gov.
          I am not against aadhar.it is the most important reform to curb black money and tax avoidance.my advice is that instead of armtwising people into paying taxes,govt . should make it rewarding.if government wants people to come clean,then it should also be as open to public scrutiny and prosecution.reforms at political levels first r required to make people confident that their govt is indeed working for them and not just giving our bank deposits to handful of corrupt industrial houses that fund them.

      4. 100% true.
        They give plea to court that Aadhar is for providing govt benefits to deserving people.they r actually using it for mass surveillance of citizens.they themselves hide behind the system they create like keeping themselves out of RTI,now by the time virtual id will become available,every Tom Dick and Harry agency will have our real Aadhar number because of earlier deadlines imposed.

  2. Y do government waste that much time and money.
    First of all the people is working with correction in old Aadhar card of name change its not matching with their pan card .
    Now this new idea.
    Instead of that y do government don’t intro like a card which correct information provided in which would be like a debit card
    Where photo of the people
    Name he / she
    Date of birth
    And inside the information in chip where
    Aadhar card number
    Passport no
    PAN card no
    One government undertaking bank account must
    Gas no
    And mobile no
    Lic no
    And what else he want to store

    1. Now whoever that is leaked to or anonymously accesses it, will get all info. What fun! No country in the world allows this because of various privacy, security, financial and enforcement . Improve national infrastructures ay terminal user levels first-education,health,accessibilty.

    2. Unless the officials related with UIDAI are more familiar,sensitive to complaints and positively responsive it is difficult to make it feasible.Even after the complaint for wrong pincode of the place with the proof of screenshots of india post total corrections are not made with reference to kerala state village.Two digit initials common in southern states and mentioned also in ADHAR is not accepted by NSDL to add in PAN in fact PAN application on line does not accept initials of two digits and ADHAR having proof for two digits are not accepted.Complete synchronization of the various agencies is required to be done to get rid of the problems otherwise a common man has to be suffered in this game of red tape bureaucracy and ineffective,less knowledgeable,unsesitive employees involved in the job and finally government has to face the anger of the people for their harassment for the good policy and faillure of implimentation in propper way.

  3. Nice to meet up every time giving the whole aadhar base info this is good idea to prohibited for concern only keep it up well done uidia Thanks for the same

  4. Thanks,this is very good decision by the government bodies ensuring all trust to the citizens of India.Sir, this would help all people get central government’s help generated​ for the citizens.

      CALL: 9490426156

      1. yes but late data is already now available to telephone companies only few lucky people may not have seeded their accounts and good for them only.

  5. Another bluff .Start the system now n not March end or June.This has an uncanny sililarity to housing for all by 2022.They want to mop all data without any safeguards.The Aadhar project is illegal and forces citizens to cattle class ,whatever arguments r professeed for it r misleading lies.This aadhar is like gov asking a spare key to your house with self declaration that it is not going not to check out.Who wants to believe?

  6. Does that mean
    Wherever you have submitted your aadhar details prior to the launch of this service and people who have your data will not be able to use it without your knowledge ?
    In my opinion since this 16 digit no. is RANDOMIZED.. whenever any aadhar no. is being used it must also furnish the CORRESPONDING RANDOM digit for that Hour/DAY /DATE whatever .
    What happens in this scenario is that wheneverI use my aadhar i just provide the the RANDOM NO issued to me without disclosing my AADHAR ID
    and if you try to USE some stolen ID , you DON”T HAVE THAT RANDOM digit authorization with you .

  7. Now there should be no reason for any concern. An OTP type of secure number that too of 16 digits would be fool proof.


  9. I still dont uderstand how this new 16 digit number will work please explain
    also i recently went to my mobile service provider (BSNL) for adhar updation and was told that my finger print does not match with the one in records which I couldnt understand Pl explain what do I do in such case

  10. It would be like Google authenticator. Before login one would get a number & after using the aadhaar or login out, the number won’t work. It’s like otp sent for authentication.

  11. Govt should be confirm which card is safe for the public, 1st comes PAN card than Aadhar Card and now Virtual Card. What is the logic to have all these cards. A simple and atractive card must be introduced for public for use any of Govt.or private sectors.

  12. As of now we have already given to various institutions / organizations like Bank, Mobile phone Co, Online marketing firms etc .. etc.. There is nothing much left where Aadhar has to be given, hence I don’t think this alternate method will be of much help to the public at large.

  13. It is good but what happens if flight ticket and or train ticket confirmation is required. Where to generate the number if somebody does not have access to net

  14. Another bluff .Start the system now n not March end or June.This has an uncanny sililarity to housing for all by 2022.They want to mop all data without any safeguards.The Aadhar project is illegal and forces citizens to cattle class ,whatever arguments r professeed for it r misleading lies.This aadhar is like gov asking a spare key to your house with self declaration that it is not going not to check out.Who wants to believe?

  15. Good GOI realised. Mandatory cut of date be extended to link Aadhar with bank account,LIC policies and all financial transaction corresponding to generation facilities of 16 -Digit Virtual ID,

  16. this is all rubbish and nonsense as UIDAI website is hardly functional and always throw technical error while validating your mobile number /email ID

  17. aadhar is a must. No doubt here and there is breach. But affected whom ? Opposition parties always oppose all issues of the government. So who suffers ? If We need double digit progress cri critize constructively. Recommend changes required. Contribute development.
    we Indians are too good. We don’t want to pay tax, We want to save tax. We need everything free. we vote for money. our elected member steals the available little money for development by introducing his binamy companies and again loot. Very tolerant community. No complaints. we don’t mind sharing personal detisa to Mobile operators and others, But we object if this is mapped for countries security.
    Pakistan has citizens ID for long, Why not INDIA DROP OBJECTING TO ALL DEVELOPMENT ISSUES
    t n pillai Chennai

  18. According to me,its a mind blowing decision taken by the central government. It will secure all of us.make and clean India.thanks

  19. Namaskar,according to me,in the present days,it will be giving us protection. Thanks to all, those are maintains this new rules.Clean and Make in India.

  20. Well, the Government is working to protect the leakage of Aadhar Number by introducing 16 digit Virtual ID.. This is a good move. But the time period given for adopting this system is too short because many people are still struggling to understand the linking of Aadhar card number with various other systems. They panic because of the fear that their operations with other agencies might get lost or not fruitful. By introducing the change in the system and asking people to comply with in a short period will add to the chaos. Instead of extending the period afterwards is it not better for the Government to give a reasonable good period in the beginning itself and open more centers to assist the people in an orderly manner? The centers function with limited staff and the fear complex in the people add to their irritation when functioning with non conducive atmosphere thus resulting in noise and shouting.
    This is worth giving a mind before implementing.

  21. Namaskar and Welcome,UIDAI.According to me,it is very good decision taken by them,it will secure all of us.Thanks.Clean and Make in India,Jai Hind.

  22. Namaskar,Welcome n Happy New Year 2018 to UIDAI. Thanks for new innovation, which will give us a protection. jai Hind,Clean India.Take care to all,those who involves for this new idea.

  23. A Good idea. But, what about the private agencies like mobile operators who linked the adhaar with their system and misusing the individuals adhaar details?

  24. Aadhar was introduced as a simple I’d tool. It ran into rough whether once compulsory linking was ordered. People were forced to que up for hours at Aadhar centres, even for poor school children to get their one time food. The post offices even refuse to link phone numbers with aadhar if your number is from another circle. Now, we don’t yet know what is in store with virtual I’d. Wait and watch instead of making rash comment for or against. We are at the receiving end of all idiotic manoevers, brainchilds of armchair babu’s.

  25. Similar to Debit & Credit card IPIN, Aadhar & PAN cards should also have IPIN created by cardholders to conceal their vital information that could be misused by others if leaked out. Duplicate sim could also be obtained by criminals to obtain OTP for draining out bank accounts. Hence, mobile sim cards should only issued to customers by courier to their registered address available with the service provider

  26. It’s an good move to stop the misuse of Aadhar, at the same time what if the person is not having mobile, let take an example ,in rural area , where still we can find the people not using cell phones frequently, so at that time it may find little bit difficult, otherwise the idea is excellent, good that government is taking steps towards securing the aadahar ,

  27. The new system of 16 digit Virtual ID is being introduced too late as my 12 digit Aadhasr number is already available to my banks, insurance company both life & health indursnce, all companies in whose shares I have invested, all Mutual Funds & their Registrars where I have invested, my Share Broker, Regional Passport Office, Regional Transport Office, Mobile Service Company etc.
    Is it possible to delete such records of the 12 digit Aadhaar number with all of the above.

  28. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are plenty of fallacies regarding the banks intentions whenever talking about home foreclosure. One fantasy in particular is that often the bank desires your house. The bank wants your hard earned dollars, not your home. They want the money they lent you along with interest. Preventing the bank will simply draw the foreclosed realization. Thanks for your publication.

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